Friday, March 16, 2012

Simple Spit-Up Cloths

...And, well, I'll show off some pretty spit-up cloths, too. :)
I'm sorry for posting late, we've been taken out by seasonal allergies. I've hardly done any sewing this week.

I finally finished my friend's spit-up cloths for her baby girl. I had tons of fun picking out fabrics and playing with the gorgeous colors. This sweet baby girl is going to have not only great, practical spit-up cloths, but also soft terry-backed cloths with ruffles and ribbon tabs. She also got the chenille cloths I made a while ago.

These more practical spit-up cloths are made from a panel of flannel sewn onto a cloth diaper. How big you make the flannel is up personal preference, but I like to cut my flannel to 19 inches long by 7 inches wide. This is just big enough to cover the center, extra-layered part of the cloth diaper after all the raw edges have been turned under.
 Iron the long sides under and attach a ribbon along the edge. I like to use satin 3/8inch ribbon, but wider ribbon could be fun and grosgrain works well, too.
 Then attach the whole thing to the cloth diaper. Easy as pie! Make sure your bobbin thread matches the cloth diaper's color. If your tension is balanced, then neither should show up on the other side.
 Pink on top!
 White on the bottom!
 All done! So easy and cute!
 Here's my stack!
 The other set has ruffles and ribbon tabs--perfect for little hands to enjoy.
 So fun!

Which one is your favorite?



  1. These are really pretty, Regina! Great job!

  2. Do the ones with ribbons have any filling between the top and bottom layer of flannel?

    1. No, I didn't add any extra layers. I thought about it but I wanted to make sure they were easy to wash. Extra layers can make washing more difficult. The white layer on those ones is actually a thicker "soft and cuddly" fabric that absorbed stuff pretty well.

  3. I just love the cloths with the ruffles and ribbons, so pretty!