Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reuse a Scrubbie to Make an Oatmeal Bath Packet

Have one of these ready to go in the garbage?
Wait! You can make one of these!
Just untie the hanging string and uncrumple the scrubbie. Spread it out and let it dry. Mine turned out to be a long tube of tulle, so I tucked one end inside the other and tied the raw ends together. I thought that a double layer of tulle would hold the oatmeal better.

Then when you're ready for an oatmeal bath (which is good for eczema, dry skin of all sorts, soothing itchy skin, etc.) grab 1/3-1/2 cup of rolled (old-fashioned) oats put it in the tulle tube right against the knot and tie it shut.
Tie another knot right above the new knot and cut between them. Voila! Oatmeal packet! And your tulle tube is ready for the next time you need another oatmeal packet.
 Toss the oatmeal packet into the bath and let it steep. You can fish it out before going in or keep it in with you. It will make the water murky, but I don't really mind that.
Add some cute kiddos...
And get at least one adorable, clean baby at the end! (The adorable, clean toddler wasn't willing to pose for a picture.);)


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