Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall Leaf Stained Glass

A fun project to do with a little person!

We went out on a walk and collected a bunch of pretty leaves. Then we ironed the leaves between pieces of wax paper (iron on high, no steam--make sure to cover the wax paper with cloth on both sides!). Once the leaves were nice, flat, and dry, we were ready to use them.

I laid out a nice sheet of clear contact paper, sticky side up, and taped the edges down with painters' tape. We laid the leaves out on it.
Then we took off the painters' tape, stuck the contact paper to the window, smoothed it out and we were done!
Our little girl was so proud of herself!
The leaves look gorgeous when the rising sun shines right onto them.
I did end up cutting off some of the contact paper with an X-acto knife to form a more rounded outline of the leaf sheet because the straight edge was very stark.


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  1. I hung up fall leaves this year too! Not quite so many -- one very large greeny-yellow (oak? not sure), three yellow tulip poplar and two red maple. that's three "arrangments" altogether if you're counting.

    I did wax paper and became *quite* frustrated until I realized that I was not ironing both of the wax sides together. Yes, it matters which side you use! The big leaf I cut to mimic the leaf shape, the yellow ones are a circle and the red ones are an oval. they look beautiful when the afternoon light hits them.